About Us

NOLIN BPO Services is a full-service, 24/7-operational offshore development and information technology outsourcing firm that has held a proud legacy of delivering services and business solutions to enterprises of all sizes since our first operations in 2004. Since then, we have continued to grow and innovate in the field of outsourcing solutions.

NOLIN BPO Is Globally Recognized

Pakistan’s economy has witnessed a gradual growth in the last decade. Outsourcing solutions for enterprises abroad has helped us bring employment to locals and uplift their professional careers through respective trainings. While sustaining our relations with our US-based partners and companies, our priorities still lie with our dedication and commitments towards our clients and the community in which we operate.

Dedication To Achieve Client Targets

With committed dedication and leadership of our Chief Executive Officer towards innovative solutions for our clients while maintaining their standards and values, our goals of being a profitable, sustainable BPO company have further transitioned to keep continuing our operations with optimum productivity, professionalism and efficiency.

Company Overview

Nolin BPO offers services and solutions to varied enterprises worldwide for fraction of a cost. We specialize in extensive customer service, email response, live web chat, data entry, accounting, and marketing services. We're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to take your calls, sales and to provide continuous, uninterrupted, and direct support and services.

Nolin BPO Believes in 5Cs

  • Client-focused services
  • Credibility on our partnerships
  • Creativity on our workforce
  • Collaboration with clients to maximize efficiency, reduce cost and deliver superior results;
  • Commitment to long-term relationships with our employees and clients

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