The exponential growth of e-Commerce platforms across the globe has reduced online shopping and purchasing to the comfort of a smartphone. A simple mobile application can generate enough revenues for a business to sustain profitably for years and years, as long as the correct business strategies are adopted to gain a competitive edge against similar websites and platforms. At NOLIN BPO, we pride in providing over 14 years of E-Commerce Specialization to our clients’ for maximum profitability.

Spend Less on Promotions, Earn More Profits!

If you have noticed a lower retention and conversion rate even after bringing high organic traffic on your e-Commerce platform, NOLIN BPO Services can provide few of the most rewarding and economical strategies that can be improve sales on a long-term or short-term basis, as per your requirement. Our dedicated Product Setup and Analytics Teams conduct daily research to optimize each available product/service to give the right boost for our clients’ businesses. E-Commerce is usually misunderstood to be a game of “more discounts, more sales” approach but in our expertise, we have assessed that only a profitable sale, after incorporating cost of overheads etc, is a good sale, and focus should be given on sustaining such sales across the board. Any promotion that focuses on reducing sale prices below cost prices is a negative strategy for the long-term longevity of an e-Commerce website.

What we do?

  • Reduce overheads
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Competition Analysis
  • Price Comparison Analysis
  • Profit Margin Gap
  • Increase Unique Visitor Conversion
  • Increase Return Visitor Conversion
  • Reduce Cost Per Conversion
  • Reduce Bounce Rate

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